SeKaya is an online platform for information, quality CBD products and sharing the positive impact of the plant.

Sekaya Wellness was formed by Junior Solis our formulator, Justin Wilson founder of the Piece of Mind retail chain, Michael Early co-publisher of Leaf Magazines and Sam Kannall of Bodhi High extraction company.

Our purpose is to create the finest and most effective CBD products on the market at the fairest prices possible.

We have formed a partnership with DayCanna, the leader in CBD cultivation and extraction to create a unique line of products to benefit your overall well being

Justin Wilson


SeKaya is the vision of Justin, emerging from years of hard work and two successful chains, Piece of Mind and Satori. Justin started his career in the CBD and Cannabis space right out of college with Piece of Mind, a smoke shop that supplies high quality smoking accessories. Adding to that success a few years later, Justin started Satori in Spokane, Washington. Satori quickly grew to four more stores in Washington State, adding an Alaska location as well. With this string of successes and the evolution of the industry as well as knowledge of the plant, Justin knew he wanted to help bring more awareness and wellness to his customers through quality CBD products. With this, SeKaya was born.

Michael Early


Michael Early, a recent east coast transplant to the west coast, crossed paths with Junior   Solis back in 2016, at Junior’s Kyoko Sushi restaurant. A friendship was born as Michael was  suffering from extreme joint pain and Junior was creating the amazing Pain Salve that was basis for the creation of Sekaya Wellness products. Michael has over 30 years experience   in printing and marketing including the creation of Maryland Leaf, California Leaf and Northeast Leaf magazines. Michael handles the day to day operations of the Sekaya Wellness organization.

Junior Solis

Product Development

During his 26yr career as a chef and restaurant owner, Junior continued his education studying chemistry and molecular engineering and teaching molecular gastronomy. Originally hired for recipe development in the medical cannabis side it was there he found his passion for the healing benefits of the plant. Through science, research, eastern, traditional and ayurvedic medicine he has developed our own proprietary blends of cannabinoids/terpenes/herbs/essential oils.

Sam Kennall

Product Development

I got my start in the glass world, blowing pieces and creating some cool art. When cannabis was legalized in 2015, I started Bodhi High, an extraction lab and grower. At Bodhi High we produce some of the finest hash oils, CBD/THC salves and skin products, vape pens, edibles and other cannabis products available in the Washington market place. In 2017 I started Bodhi Elements to concentrate on the non cannabis infused CBD products. After a year of operations I merged with my current partners to form Sekaya Wellness. I lend an eye to the design as well as help innovate new products. I hope you find some health benefits from our unique line of products.